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The most beautiful girl in the wrold, scratch that universe. She may not be normal or fit in well but that matters not because even when feels like she has no one there is someone who cares so much about her. She may not have a perfect model body so what. Abi is super funny and amazingly smart. One day she will do great things with her life. Abi is one of the most amazing people you can find in the wrold. She is very uniqe and origanal she does not just go with the flow of sociaty she does as she pleases. If you are so lucky as to meet this girl you are a very lucky lucky person. She is not one in a million she is once in a lifetime. Abi is an amazing person and any boy that is lucky enough to date this amazing person should never let her go she is an amazing girl. Abi you are the most beautifl girl in the wrold and I would give anything to be with you.
Friend: "look at that fine girl right there."

Me: "Yeah thats Abigail Jourdain Miller she is amazing."
by realman2012 April 29, 2012
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