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A play on common US clothing brand 'Abercromby and Fitch' to aptly describe the demeaning behavior of the patrons of that business. These people pay outrageous prices to wear clothes that look pre-worn and have advertising stamped all over them in large bold lettering.

Commonly purchased by suburbanite children with too much money, very very gay boys, or straight guys that wont be straight for long. They often think you are a lesser person for not wearing the brand daily and blatantly. They believe foolishly that they are somehow more important or empowered by their tattered jeans and wrinkled shirts.

see: fool, moron, fake, flake, plastic
This little abercomby and bitch type talked to me the other day but lost interest after I mentioned I don't have time for pansie princesses.
by Erock82 July 19, 2008
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