Top Definition
1. An overactive sex drive.

2. A galactic knowledge of History.

3. A beard not shaven since the year 1922.

4. A lame comeback in an argument.
1. Lycan:- Dude, that guy has been bangin' that chick for almost half a day now. Wtf?
Dude 1:- Yeh his sex drive is so Abdaal, man!

2. Vag: So baasically we are relying on your Abdaal to win us this quiz.

3. Dude 1: Dude, shave that Abdaal off your face!

4. Dude 1: Dude you're car is ancient. You see this baby right here? Does 0 to 200 in 10 seconds flat baby! Ha Ha! Wutchu know 'bout a good car?
Dude 2: Your mom's a good car. .
*Awkward Silence*
Dude 1: . . . another Abdaal from you in an argument and I'll stab you!
by Wutchuknowboutme February 07, 2010

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