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a girl with a big cock.
big dick big dick big dick big dick big dick AND big DICK

by mark hernandez July 10, 2006
Slut, whore,hoe, you could pretty much say all of the above! She doesn't care what anyone says, and loves to bitch slap people. Loves to Party, and get drunk with asia,You never know what to expect from this girl. She loves boys, and screams "GET SOME & PENIS" off bridges. She loves to look like a skank when she goes out into public, and loves makeup... always falls for the players, and nobody's. WHAT THE HELL!
look at that whore, i bet her name is abby.
by skankadelic December 21, 2008
A Vile human which is considered to be the Boyle on the butt of America; an encrustation if you will.
Shane: Hey what pathetic loser can we bring with us tonight?
Sky: I don't know someone we can pwn on...how about Abby?
by Skylar Luster December 15, 2007
an ugly bitch who think shes the most amazing dancer and with her hair up she looks like a freakin guy.

also somebody who cant deal with things on her own ad has to get her MOM to do them
person1: "wow shes a TOTAL abby.."

person2: "yepp thats her BITCHH!!"
by niciiiii June 18, 2008