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Exclaimation of dismay, commonly used, and originaly created by the Peanuts gang by Charles Schulz. Used frequently by Charlie Brown in the following situations:
Losing a Baseball game
Having the football pulled away by Lucy
In an embarrasing situation

Is used also by other members of the peanuts gang and can be used as a roaring sound to scare someone.
Linus: I told her about how you're madly in love with her,
Charlie Brown: Aaugh!!

Snoopy: It's not the things that go 'bump' in the night that scare me. It's the things that go 'AAUGH!'
by Jackami March 09, 2010
7 2
1.) What Charlie Brown yells after missing kicking the football; after losing another baseball game; after getting his kite stuck in a tree; etc, etc.

2.) Express a feeling of disappointment or displeasure.
Charlie Brown is such a blockhead, AAUGH!
by lucy van pelt October 03, 2009
6 2