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Avon Don: A classification of heterosexual male that openly embraces a cosmopolitan urban lifestyle featuring expensive haircuts, designer suits, trendy dining, and occasional spa treatments. Appears to possess openly gay tendencies but is in fact very straight.
Check out Karl leaving the spa with a new manicure and leather handbag. What an Avon Don!
by badjad November 05, 2003

Words related to AVON DON

The essence of metrosexuality; fastidious to an almost feminine degree.
His Prada handbag was misplaced during his pedicure. In typical Avon Don fashion, he repaced it with Dolce & Gabbana and went to get cherry honey glow exfoliation.
by Anonymous November 05, 2003
Another word for metrosexual - a man who pays particular attention to his appearance or grooming.
Here come karl, I heard he just got his nails done, he's such an avon don.
by Dan phil john November 03, 2003