Awesome high school, one of the top high schools in the US.
It's in Apple Valley. Minnesota.
AVHS is sooooooo much better than EVHS!
by Annette Raolin February 28, 2011
A controversial acronym that Ozzy Ozbourne wrote a song about.
Since he was born in Birmingham, some say that it means Aston Villa Highway, but others say that it either means Alcohol Valium and Hasish, or Alcohol Valium and Heroin.

**Also the initials of Alex Van Halen
I love the feeling when the magic is just right
There's no revealing what is hidden in the night
Riding on a train I can't control
No one else to blame I can't let go, oh no
(AVH lyrics)
by Explode October 18, 2006
AVH means "A Virtual Horse," an online horse sim game. Go join now at!!
OMG I am so going to get an account on AVH!!
by P!ATDluvr (#87583 on AVH) August 27, 2008
Alliance Verse Horde (also see HvA). A type of server used in the game World of Warcraft (also means PvP). AvH servers are harder then normal servers; there is more PvP activity.
BoB: I think when WoW comes out I'll play on the normal servers.

1337d00d: Only ghey n00bs play on the normals, kk? Grow some balls and use the AvH server!
by Blitzkri3g December 16, 2004

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