Adult Sexuality Fetish Robots

To be sexually attracted to robots. To fantasize about men or women being turned into robots. The term also includes the transformation of ones partner (or fantasy) into any solid surface material, I.E., Stone, marble, mannequins, plastic, metal, statues, artwork.

A form of roleplay.


Google it.
Ace is really getting into ASFR these days. He wants his partner to roleplay that he is robot.

There were several ASFR inspired comtumes at the Halloween party. Ace had his boi dressed and posed as a greek statue.
by Stonesmooth December 23, 2005
Top Definition
"a fetishistic attraction to humanoid or non-humanoid robots; also to people acting like robots or people dressed in robot costumes."

Some ASFR people are of a deviant preferring transformation from a human to a humanoid robot

"built" and "transformation" are the 2 main versions of ASFR, and often are disgusted by the other.

Such fantasies can involve humans, robots, and robot costumes in a variety of combinations, real or imagined.
josh is really ASFR, his browsing history has lots of pictures of gynoids in it
by Subliminator December 31, 2009
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