That girl named Armani is so fly, she got tha dopest name in the whole fukin world.
"Armani is the finest & flyest baby girl around, chea chea."
by ARMANI December 22, 2004
Armani is high class brand and company that sells many lines of products, most notably suits. Not a large amount of people can afford Armani, so lots of people act as if Armani is not worth their time. This is ridiculous. Armani is fabulous and they're jealous.
My new Armani suit is hot. I got evil eyes from all the poor people who can't afford it.
by An East Indian Who Likes A and F November 14, 2005
A charming, handsome but sexy guy who loves to create new ideas and have fun. He never gets boring and is a great boyfriend to have so keep him around. He loves girls with blonde hair and dreamy eyes. He's great in bed and always keeps it interesting. He also has a passion in life and will go far with it, everyone wants to be armani.
Dang I wish I was as cool and good looking as Armani!

I need to tap it asap.
by anna2384 January 06, 2014
A loud but cool person that something's get out of hand but is managable and a great friend
That kid armani is cool and loud.
by urbandictionary234567 January 20, 2014
That Armani, running in jungles.
by hermanz October 12, 2011
A theological position that holds:
1- People are partially depraved and can still perform one act (faith in Christ) of their own free will that is pleasing to God.
2- People are elected unto salvation on the condition that they posess saving faith.
3- Christ's death payed the penalty for the sins of every individual of mankind.
4- Individuals with the capacity to freely choose either saving faith or rejection of God (such capacity being the result of prevenient Grace), may in the end decide to damn themselves by not having faith, thereby rejecting God's gracious influence, and thus God's offer of mercy in Christ's sacrifice.
5- A person who has saving faith may forfeit his salvation by rejecting God and Christ's work at a later point in time.
The Armani race contains many famous members: Cornelius Van Swill, Greg Bonehead, Eggbert Mahler Jr., Yaacov R Blanche, Purr Locs, and of course, Dr. James R. Minivan of Alfalfa and Ortega Miniseries, who invented the whole concept in the first place.
by SMODNUK September 16, 2007
Da illest gear on da planet homes.
Ooooo weee dat nugga is straight Armani... check out dat gear; who does he think he is.. Simo?
by Cherry Popper October 08, 2003

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