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It's something that occurs when one becomes an AP student. One loses the ability to sleep, and/or forgets how to sleep... forever. AP Insomnia affects 100% of students 60% of the time, and by that I mean always. While everyone else is going to sleep at 9 o'clock on the dot, AP students are just priming their brainial engines. Yeah. AP students define sleep as:

Sleep (nonexistent noun) - more time for studying and/or doing homework and/or watching terrible late night documentaries on how the Qing Dynasty came about, and/or crying inconsolably.

We may also use sleep to cry and/or complain about how we didn't get to hang out with our study buddies because we were crying about lacking something that we can't identify, which studies show, is "SLEEP".
*Mainstream Student (Blah =/): "Dude, I went to a sweet party last night, and then went to sleep at 9 o'clock on the dot!"
****AP Student Alpha: <quote>Yeah, I got lots of sleep as well, minus the sleep, plus the studying/no life/crying times 7 raised to 5x power, which OBVIOUSLY equals the cosin of the vector of tan inverse 5x/6.</quote>
*Mainstream Student (Frowned upon in AP society): "Que?"
****AP Student Alpha: <quote> "By that, are you referring to K-acid, K-base, K-concentration, K-pressure, or K-equilibrium?"
*Mainstream Student (EW): "Oh, well, I'm gonna go back to bed."
**** AP GOD: "You would." (Insert mental breakdown here.)

And, THAT, my Mainstream acquaintances, is AP Insomnia.
by Kyle, Brittany, and Ryan April 30, 2008
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