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An acronym for "and now the truth is awkward".
In an online chat:
Girl 1: i told this guy that i don't shave my pubes and i actually do =(
Girl 2: y would u lie???
Girl 1: the way he was talking, i thought he'd think i was a whorish porn star if i told him i do =(
Girl 2: ohhh, lol
Girl 1: but then he told me that he thinks im disgusting =(
Girl 2: well tell him the truth!
Girl 1: i can't...we're only it's kinda'd be weird to bring it up'd be like i was telling him what he wanted to hear...i lied, and now he thinks i'm disgusting ='( ...i want to tell the truth...ANTTIA =(
by whatsarahsays724 April 20, 2009
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