Ass Nakeds
Jonathan: Yo did that girl send you a email yet?
Mike: Yup I got them AN's!
Jonathan: Werd? You gotta show me man!
#naked #ass #pictures #photos #email
by Fredd21 December 23, 2009
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Top Definition
Acute Nema Syndrome: A temporary condition by which a person experiences a series of awkard, uncomfortable, or, for lack of a better word "nema" type events. Although trivial and even comical in most cases, an enduring case of ANS can result in permanent mental and physical damage which can lead to "nema" like behaviour and appearance.
Did you see his red womens ski jacket?

Yea dude its so ANS.
#awkward #acute #nema #syndrome #uncomfortable
by Hildalover32 January 30, 2009
A common typo found when trying to use the conjuction and. you type so fast you dont look at the keyboard you lazy ass.
I like cheeses ans corn syrup . . . fuck . . .
by elevator jack June 25, 2005
stands for Angry Nigger Syndrome, used when a black person is pissed and having a nigga moment.
Dude 1- damn tyrone is pissed
Dude 2- Yeah man hes got ANS bad
#asshole #trippin #pissed #bullshittin #nigger
by XPthaillest December 20, 2011
A disease that strikes one in a billion people. Very rare, very dangerous. Can cause uncontrollable fits of various emotional mood swings, even giddyness and fits of laughter.

Commonly untreatable, but in rare situations leaves the patient with no symptoms but an upset stomach from laughter.
These people have come down with A.N.S.
#ans #a.n.s. #sickness #laughter #anger
by MR Reddd December 03, 2009
a no strings
They were married for 30 years when she told him no more sex. He is now looking for ANS relationship to go along with his open marriage.
#open #nsa #swingers #fwb #d/d free #420 #off and on
by tripple_ March 08, 2015
A disease commonly known as "Arab Nose Syndrome" which affects more than 40% of Arabs worldwide.
Dude, why haven't they found a cure for ANS yet!
#ans #arab #disease #nose #syndrome
by Sidechick420 June 13, 2015
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