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The most horrible chapter of a psychology degree textbook. Has ridiculous formulas that are virtually impossible!
Have you seen how hard that ANOVA chapter is?
by IHATESTATS February 15, 2009
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A Very rare , Small group of men :A man who is caring,loving,charming and that can sweep a women off her feet . Without any games or trying to get into her pants but who is truly an old fashioned man at heart . Who does what he must to make a women happy and truly loves any women he comes acrossed .He has been hurt many times before because he is a nova , He was tought by his mother how to truly treat a women .Well dressed , Good Manners and loved by older women .
Girl:Omg!I think im in Love with Robbie.
Friend: Seriously? He seems Like every other guy.
Girl: No ,He's Not , He's Nova ,A Nova!
Friend: Nova, A Nova ? OoH Shit , better get your hubby then .
by LolaLove October 10, 2008
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