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The act of attempting to be seen as a "Alpha Male of the Group".

One is either caught being a jackass or successfully looks better than someone else. Usually done maliciously for social gain or stems from personal insecurities. AMOG'ing is a common bro tactic (CBT), but can be done in any situation in which 3 or more people are involved. Pronouced

AMOG'er - Person who is attempting to establish social dominance
Victim - Individual at risk of being made a fool of
Bystander(s) - Individuals who witness a falsely represented scenario
AMOG'er: "Bro there is no way you can outdrink me. I bet you can't even shotgun a beer properly"
Victim: "You are so right. Teach me how to. Right now. If you can."
AMOG'er: *silence*
Victim: "Stop AMOG'ing me bro"
Bystander(s): *laughter*
by DastardlyDeed April 30, 2013

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