An illegal immigrant from Mexico that works in the fields or in a factory and is here to accomplish the Amexican Dream.

Also describes Mexican people that have no desire to become American.
Jack: "Have you applied for citizenship yet?"

Juan: "I can't, I'm Amexican."
by John J. Jones Godinez August 02, 2008
Top Definition
A member of an elite fighting group known as AMEX. This group plays Mafia Wars. They are one of the newest and fastest groups to reach the top 10 clans / groups listed in Facebook. A member of this group, is of the highest regard in the Mafia Wars gaming community.
Have you ever played Mafia Wars ?

Yes, I play that game, I thought I was strong too, until I went up against an AMEXican.
by A Blessed Man January 01, 2011
A person accustomed to having an awesome good time every day in the wonderful land of Amexica.
1) Hey Paul, let's go get some Jose Cuervo and hang out with hot amexican chicks in Amexica.

2) People who hate on Amexica and Hispanics are racist

by pseudolicious July 23, 2008
A resident of Amexica, which is a virtaul nation created by blending together America and Mexico. Not everyone qualifies to be Amexican... You must be a Mexican drug smuggler, Mexican job stealer, Mexican welfare case, or other illegal Mexican migrant, or an American that lives in part of America invaded by Mexicans, an American that employs Mexicans, or an American politician/bureaucrat that helps Mexico invade America!
Hey pedro, Mexico sucks!
So, we are Mexicans! What can we do about it?
Lets go jump the border and become Amexicans!
by LZW2006 April 21, 2006
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