By far the best cpu on the planet. It benchmarks better than the Intel P4 and is about 200 dollars cheaper. Plus they dont have to make lame ass comercials to sell their product.
amd beats the shit out of pentium
by Bam July 21, 2003
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AMD, short for advanced micro devices.

Creators of the lines of Duron and Athlon processors. Designed with IPC in mind, substituting clockspeed for performance. In lateral terms, the ratio beween clock speed and performance is rather amazing on an Athlon CPU.

- AMD is also known to make flash memory products.

AMD processors work on the concept of slow processor clock, but high performance. a heart that beats slower is better than one that beats faster because the slower heart pumps more blood each beat and does not tire tiself.
by jetblaze1412 April 26, 2003
AMD is intel's competitor and makes x86 cpu's.
Their K7 cpu's (athlon, (pentium 3 killer), duron (celeron killer), athlon XP (p4 killer, 'cept for the 3200+), and athlon MP (xeon killer)) and their new chips, the K8 cpu's (the superfast AMD Athlon FX (P4 HT emergency edition killer), athlon64 (was more lethal to the p4 than the athlon XP), and opteron (itanium killer))
the reason that these chips can smoke equivalently-clocked p4's is becuase of the chip's very efficient architecture. the athlonxp uses a pipeline only about half as deep as the p4, making it more efficient because instructions do not take as long to be processed. K8 chips have a slightly deeper pipeline than the K7's.
"i got an amd chip 'cause i didnt want to go hungry for a year 'cause p4's are so friggin expensive"
"p4's are overpriced... imma grab an athlonxp... same performance if not better for half the price"
by amd>intel December 26, 2003

The best architexually designed CPU's. Ever.

20-50% more effiecnt at the SAME clock speeds as that of the latest Intel P4 CPUS
"you have an AMD ?? WOW! your so cool !"
by Spamz0r March 20, 2003
Holy Shit, AMD64FX kicked P4's ass. Who woulda thunk it.
I would buy a P4 but I don't want a slow computer, I better go with AMD 64 bit proc.
by Rob October 31, 2003
A shortened name for the CPU company Advanced Micro Devices. Focussed on the best price per dollar, their processors are weaker than Intel processors, but are also much cheaper.
Intel's cheapest non-OEM Quad Core CPU: $149.99

AMD's cheapest non-OEM Quad Core CPU: $90.99
by mistahskinnymahn July 22, 2010
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