An I.ntolerant P.erson.

Pronounced Ape.
Bobby is a severe A.I.P.
by The AIP August 14, 2011
Top Definition
Acronym - "Anal Insertion Potential": the likelihood, based on brief scrutiny, that a girl or woman will be willing to perform anal sex with you and/or your companions.
"Jesus, look at that! She's fiiiiine."
"Uhuh. AIP?"
"High. Gotta be high. Dirty bitch."
"Say a 7?"
"Maybe even an 8."
"Got another beer?"
"Nope. All out."
by Percyhalfpig February 10, 2004
awkward in public
yoo that nigga robert is aip i would never hang out with him while i'm with girls.
by dvipal March 27, 2010
Avoid Iraq Program, The real definition of the AIP program in Korea for US Forces.
PVT Joe Snuffy: are you going to AIP?
SPC Jack OFF: Hell yeah, I don't want to go to Iraq!
by Brandon Lee November 07, 2005
Anti-Indian Party.
Used on Omegle to separate the indians from the norms.
Join the clan now!
You: Are you Indian?
Stranger: No?
You: Are you in the AIP clan?
Stranger: AIP ftw!
You: AIP.
by Jd6ss March 06, 2012
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