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What you work with the opposite sex you're interested in via AIM; one more way for beginner PUA's to gain experience.
Chris: I was talking to that girl again last night on aim.
John: Ooo, working your aimgame with her?
by Richieee Smith April 23, 2008
The ability to attract and or seduce members of the opposite sex through use of AOL Instant Messenger. A lazy or shy ones alternative to courtship through physical interaction and vocal conversation.
LARRRY: "YO man, Me, Mike and Jim are goin to the club to pick up some drunk bitches are you in???"

DAVE: "Nah, im good.. I'll just work the AIM Game tonite."

Larry: Pussy.
by C.Worf April 25, 2007
The ability to kick game through AIM without being lame.
the secret to true AIM-game is leading the subject to beleive you have in fact never heard of such a game
by Meg Steve Nicole Burman Zyler November 17, 2005