The appearance of looking like Tom Hanks in Philadelphia.
I'd fuck you, but you're a little to AIDSy for me.
by Mr. Abobo February 24, 2011
Top Definition
Having the appearance of, or relating to AIDS.
I don't wanna bang any of the hookers in here, it's looking kinda AIDSy.
by AIDSy-CoD4 October 07, 2009
Aidsy is suggesting something is in fact as bad as the AIDS virus.
Thats totally fucking Aidsy that your dad drank your last Faxe.
by Reid Street Gang May 06, 2009
pronounced; AIDS-y, adjective. Aidsy is used when you describe a person for looking like they are venereal disease infected. It is usually used to persons who have bad spots, many or undesirable peircings or a bit of ho'
"Damn that Britney is aidsy."
"Yeah but you still would!"
"Yeah :)"
by Wellington wazzle October 14, 2008
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