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Norwegian version of the german Heckler & Koch G3 assault rifle. The bullets used are 7,62mm x 51mm standard NATO and the rate of fire is about 10-14 bullets per second. The machine gun MG3 uses the same bullets, only with belts.

The Norwegian AG-3 differs from the original Heckler & Koch G3 in some ways:

* The butt stock is 2 cm longer
* The bolt carrier has a serrated thumb groove to aid in silent bolt closing.
* It also has an all-metal cocking handle, and a different bayonet mount.

AG3 is still used by the norwegian defense. The gun is easily maintained and provides firepower necessary for forest combat.

About 2 of 3 men in Norway have much training with this robust assault rifle
Cleaning a AG3 after dropping it in the mud is not necessary, but if you want to hit the enemy and minimize failure, I would prefer to clean it once in a while.
by Fosnesen January 12, 2006

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