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Ancient Fucking News

Older than Old Fucking News (ofn)
Some Newb: lol hay guyz check this new and interesting thing out!

Interweb Pro: AFN Posted before you were born newb.
by Ben-Dover November 07, 2006
(noun) All Fuckin' Night
Used to describe a situation that will take much longer than first expected.
I thought I would be out of here soon, but this job has turned into an A.F.N.
by Clance-man March 09, 2006
one of perfection, a godlike figure that should in no way need to be changed.
afn can be found lurking on isohunt forums where he is viewed as 'the one' and helps bind the site together with awesomeness.
one can be known as an afn, this is one of the highest compliments in any known universe.

it is general amazement. an amazing person

More properly and accurately- A Fucking top bloke :P
look papa, there is afn!

oh my god you are like so cool, your a total afn

im gona afn the shit out of this test

afn also looks at himself in the mirror and thanks god for creating him
by afn, March 14, 2013
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