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A great football team based in Athens Greece. It has a strong following and the best fans who create a unique atmosphere wherever AEK is playing.
AEK stands for Athlitiki Enosi Konstantinoupoleos
AEK agapi mou glykia...

Ti omada eisai? AEKara ree

Aek gama ton vazelwn th mana!
by palio-faliro April 10, 2005
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football team based in athens. AEK are initials for "athlitiki enosi konstantinoupolis", or constantinople sports club, as it was founded by refugees that got chased out of it afer a population exchange agreement which followed the war between the turks anf the greeks from 1920 to 1922.
its eternal destiny is being the third team in a two-team rivalry. aek has however occasionnaly won titles.
- ti omada eisai?
- aek
- kahmenouli mou. kalo kouragio.
by thiseas May 01, 2006
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second team in Athens, way after Panathinaikos
Gate 13 hools killed those AEK pussies
by GCZ December 31, 2004
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A-E-K, which is an acronym for Anti Emo Klan, is a group of straight cool dudes who laugh and make fun of emo kids that hate life. We try to help them out, but if they are at the point of no return, then we have to take action.
emo kid:*cries* i don't have any friends...*cries even more*

emo kid #2:Yeah u do i'll be your friend but lets get outta of here cause A-E-K is in the area...

emo kid:okay lets go to my house and hang in my room, which is pitch dark and has candles all over the place and listen to stupid music all day...

emo kid #2:okay sounds cool...
by dylanaek November 23, 2007
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So Aek, get yo asian ass up to the ss++ and quit being a fuzznuzzler.
by ss++ February 08, 2005
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