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Acronym for Attention Deficit DJ. Anyone who plays a new song before the song playing is finished. Most of the time the ADDJ is using an iPod.
"Let the song play! Don't be an ADDJ!"
by bryan clopton April 09, 2007
Noun - a person who has ADD and keeps changing the music that everyone is listening to after listening to 30 seconds of the song.
Guy 1: Hey I love this song!

Guy 2: Me!

Guy 1: damnit I was listening to that!... Ok I like this song keep it...

Guy 2: Me!

Guy 1: Goddamnit you ADDJ! Stop changing good songs!
by TinyNips1239 October 28, 2011
A DJ that appears to suffer from ADD due to his/her inability to allow any single song to play for more than 30 seconds.
Dude, this song RULES! (15 seconds later.....) What the FUCK? What happened to the second verse? Damn ADDJ!

Oh Christ, looks like we got another ADDJ in this club.

Are you SERIOUS? This ADDJ is playing an AC/DC medley?
by by-product December 02, 2007
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