Adult Breast Feeding
ABF, Adult Breast Feeding is An adult Male or Female who takes pleasure in feeding from a lactating woman's breast.

by Mother36 December 15, 2009
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"All but face". A woman that has a beautiful body, but unfortunately has a mediocre face.
Wow, that woman is totally ABF. It's unfortunate because she could be a knockout.
by Sulka April 12, 2008
"almost best friend"

because you can only have one best friend
Hannah already has a best friend so i am her abf.
by yourabf November 06, 2013
Anal Butt Fuck, where you put a double sided dildo up your butt and then fuck someone else in the ass with the other end.
Dude I totally ABF this chick last night!
by DORMAR December 30, 2014
stands for almost boyfriend
"OMG he hasnt asked me out yet but he will, hes my abf!"
by isamarr0914 December 29, 2011
Always be farming.

Primarily used within MMORPG lexicons.
What's the meaning of life? ABF.

ABF in Whimsyshire, get the best loot in the game.

ABF man! ABF for life!
by Ruler_of_Asgard July 06, 2012
Angry Black Female: they always seem to be having the worst day imaginable.
Bill: "Hey Jon, did you get me a shake?"
Jon: "No, she cashier was a total ABF."
by Twistedh4x August 24, 2009

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