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A deadly combination of Absinthe, Bacardi 151 and Chartreuse causing intoxication and loss of will power very quickly.
if you want to get drunk quick, have an ABC shot
by Richo13 January 17, 2010
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An ABC shot is commonly the thing you take when you are too drunk to think safely. It consists of a deadly combination of Absinthe, Bacardi 151 and Chartreuse.

Absinthe ‘the green fairy’ is one of the highest strength spirits around, Bacardi 151 is flammable and Chartreuse invented the colour.

It is last thing you remember doing.

Basically take this to get slizzard.
I'm gonna get slizzard tonight, on ABC shots.

Guy wakes up cling wrapped to a statue. "Shouldn't of taken an ABC shot..."

Guy 1: Man I woke up next my sister.
Guy 2: That doesn't sound too bad.
Guy 1: We were naked, and sticky.
Guy 2: Shit, dude you fucked your sister.
Guy 1: Last time I take an ABC shot with her.
by Rex.Braman May 24, 2011
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