Delicious steak sauce
You can't have steak without A 1
by HarmBabe July 13, 2009
a-1 is pretty pure, good cocaine. this slang originated in the bay area of california.
Damn, I was blown of that a-1 yola.
by THE BAYS QUEEN ERICA January 11, 2006
A girl and/or boy that is cute or desirable.
Girl 1: he is so cute.
Girl 2: omg yea he's definitely A1
by Papa Kasper February 20, 2014
There from the get go
My bae is an A1.
by csgonly October 10, 2014
1. A steak sauce used by many beafy men at restaurants like BJ's and Black Angus

2. Used to describe something great/amazing/hot af, such as nudes.
1. Man this A1 sauce make any steak better

2. Bro I got some A1 nudes here, I'll send them to you later !
by JesusChrist'sBurkaGoat August 12, 2015
Meaning something that is good, in relation to A1 Steak Sauce; which is good.
"Man that party was amazing!"
"Yeah they kept it so A1"
by Eagle Words November 03, 2013
awesomesauce; cool
Bro that's so A1!!
by Theycallmezootboy January 13, 2015

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