an acronym for "Anti-Social Bitch".
Joe you fucking ASB...get the fuck away from your fucking computer programs and let's fucking go bang some fucking bitches, motherfucker. Fucking fuck fucker, put that fucking shit down!
by Nick D April 14, 2003
Top Definition
An acronym for Associated Student body. It is a form of student government for high school. It is sometimes referred to as A.S.U. It is used to make kids feel like they are in some bogus form of democracy givning them the feeling they have a say in school.
Tyler was A.S.B. class president.
by Guapo July 03, 2006
Associated Student Body. A high school group that goes through everything together. They have ups and downs but it doesn't matter because we will always be by each others side. They are a family.
GG asb, they are unforgettable.
by SPC '10-'11 August 22, 2010
"Alien Space Bats," an utterly ridiculous deus ex machina, usually mentioned ironically as an explanation for some completely implausible event in althist.

Per Wiki, the term was coined by the late Alison Brooks on the usenet group soc.history.what-if to debunk the idea that Germany could have ever successfully invaded the United Kingdom during World War II.
In my next novel, Iraq wins the war and Saddam makes passionate love to the First Lady on the steps of the Library of Congress... or is that too ASBs?
by Hunter Thompson August 09, 2010
"Attention Seeking Behavior". Refers to people who constantly need attention and do stupid and pathetic things to get attention. Doing anything to intentionaly draw attention to ones self for gratification.
Girls who make out with other girls for attention.

"Did you see that outfit she was wearing today? You could see right through it."

"That girl has major ASB."
by Nicole M. Carr March 25, 2007
Another screamy bitch; ie Kelly Clarkson,Carrie Underwood,Adele, or any clone of today's ear piercing singers.
Looks who's on Kelly & Michael Show today...ASB : Another Screamy Bitch.
by JoeNJ2 July 26, 2015
Always Something Better Syndrome
When you find a girl who's a 7/10 but you wait for that 8/10 then you wit again for a 9/10. So basically you always want something better. You have ASBS.
by Manny007 January 18, 2015
attenion seeking bitch ,asb is someone who constantly seeks attention mostly girls from tauranga
uploading a pic of your new necklace youve just bought , but it shows mostly your tits , obviously seeking attention asb
by blair renata September 10, 2014
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