an alabama prom queen. Basically tacky, usually involves having a hideous up-do, and sparkly, bright dress.
eww!! look at that tacky orange dress, its SOOOOO APQ !
by mchscheerleader May 31, 2009
Top Definition
Means Alabama Prom Queen. Wears bump-its, bedazzles everything, loves cheer-leading and Jesus.
That girl over there is such and A.P.Q
by bobby19480395 January 02, 2012
ass pumping quear
that gay guy is an APQ
by hahahahhafuck you October 17, 2010
the ability to get oneself ejected from websites for just say apq
Top blogger and celebrity APQ was deleted just for using APQ as her screen name.

APQ, you're deleted!
by Pecosa September 27, 2006
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