A.C.O.I or ACOI is the acronym for "And Choke On It." ACOI is used in conjunction with the acronym E.A.D. ("eat a dick") to form EAD (pronounced eed) ACOI (pronounced Uh-Coy). The formation confuses people and sounds foreign. ACOI can also be used in many other ways but this is the main one thus far.
1. I think you should go e.a.d. a.c.o.i. (ead acoi).
a. meaning one should go eat a dick and choke on it.
b. it combines 2 acronyms to form a phrase while sounding foreign and confusing the subject to whether it should be taken as offensive or not. It can be left as a smart ass remark to laugh about at a later time.

2. I hope you go eat some crab a.c.o.i. (acoi).
a. meaning one should go eat some crab and choke on it.

by Eh Jhee Em dubya October 23, 2007
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