The two most amazing amazing girls ever. Both of there names happen to start with an A. They are super cute, and both have a nice ass. They are the life of the party. all the guys want a piece of asquared.
Mike: damn, Asquared just walked in!
Kevin: yeah, the parties here now.
by YEAHHHBuddeh December 06, 2011
Top Definition
A word commonly used by schools in Southern Connecticut to represent Bennigans, or Fusaro.
Kids in school chanting: A-squared! A-squared! A-squared!
by Jamal Lewis July 30, 2006
The city of Ann Arbor, Michigan
I spent the weekend at U of M in A squared
by wee beastie April 03, 2006
One of the greatest first basemen ever to play the game of baseball.
Dude u missed the baseball! Who do u think I am, A-squared?
by dominique J August 18, 2006
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