Nickname for someone who has a reputation for getting drunk or pilled up and having a train run on them
Amber is coming to this party? After that pill whore gets here we are all gonna get to hop on the A-train
by J-M0NEYS April 04, 2010
The predesessor to Sim City, involving building a city and creating train routes.
I used to play A-Train, but i don't have a 5 1/4" drive anymore.
by James Argosa March 09, 2005
the state of being so drunk you shit your pants. the shitting usually takes place with underware on, and while laying in a bathtub. unleashing the a-train usually happens after taking a-bombers.
dam man jimmy took 3 a-bombers, 11 beers, and a couple rips pff the bong and then didnt have a choice but to have the inner a-train come out.
by jake suppa February 09, 2008
The train that atheists ride, where no one worries about hell or sin and where science and thinking are encouraged. It's the opposite of the G-Bus.
Get off the G-Bus and ride the A train!
by ben_on_the_A-train November 09, 2006
A large hairy ape often seen stinking up wrestling rings.
Here comes A-Train to the ring, time for a piss break.
by Anonymous October 06, 2003
An angry Mexican, who along with his brothers Thomas y Dome moved to America and more specifically Peoria,Illinois in the hopes of listening to more Greenday albums.
Known for tucking his long, poofy, black hair into the stretched out collar of his Misfits T-shirt.
Referred to as P.C. or (Panzer Commander) for a brief period.
A-Train is proud owner of an ant-eater.
He is also credited with coining the now famous 819 symbol.
Probably most famous for his quotes: Tuthbrush, forewind, Dooby Dooby Scoo, Air Jumbing and the classic: Chorts.
"Hey mang stop calling me A-Train."
by ThE LaTe JC March 23, 2005
5 to 7 men have sex with one women they
only get 1 pump
by Anonymous August 18, 2003

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