AT&T's massive "security hole" that results in major security breaches and wide-scale theft of their subscribers' private information.
Yeah man. Thanks to the A-Hole, I'm getting some great offers for discount prescription drugs now.
by NotanAhole June 09, 2010
To be rendered incapable of speech/movement by alcohol, analogous to the experience of being in the 'k-hole' as induced by excessive ketamine usage.
My goodness, she's deep in the a-hole after that last double vodka ginger beer.
by ProfSchmuk November 26, 2010
the wimpy way of saying asshole
I'm in kindergarden "you ahole".
by William June 14, 2004
a word i learned at boat building school.
definition: 1. a polite but not too polite way of saying you're an asshole, but less edgy than asshole. Nuance: depending on the situation calling someone an a-hole can be an highly effective way to shut down or cause to make an otherwise obnoxious personality introspective. In an another instance, the use of the term could be a disapproving approval of someone's behaviour. One may disapprove in principle a course of action as in an act of revenge but in fact emotionally endorse or approve of the meritoriousness of the act.
let's say a father publicly humiliates his child in order to boost his ego in the eyes of his friend, then one might respond by declaring---a-hole, what an a-hole, you're an a-hole, dude you're such an a-hole or only an a-hole belittles a child in order to feel powerful.
by buttlines February 05, 2010
The hole in a capital or lower case 'a'.
Don't put the smiley face in the 'M', put it in the A-hole.
by Angii November 18, 2007
An collegiate instructor who will take it upon themselves or self to ignore any realistically academic pursuit and instead nap inside their desk drawers and take lunch far too many times to be excusable.

These individuals are not to be trusted and are an immediate threat to society.
"Oh my god! What does it take to get an A as a grade around this campus? That Professor is such an A-hole.

(Similar to a black hole, an A-hole will destroy all chances at achieving passing grades in College Level Courses within which one is enrolled)
by Myself002 April 15, 2010
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