An collegiate instructor who will take it upon themselves or self to ignore any realistically academic pursuit and instead nap inside their desk drawers and take lunch far too many times to be excusable.

These individuals are not to be trusted and are an immediate threat to society.
"Oh my god! What does it take to get an A as a grade around this campus? That Professor is such an A-hole.

(Similar to a black hole, an A-hole will destroy all chances at achieving passing grades in College Level Courses within which one is enrolled)
by Myself002 April 15, 2010
Top Definition
Polite, unoffensive manner to refer to someone as an asshole.
He is such an *A hole*.
by Devil421 November 26, 2003
The polite way to use the wonderful expletive, ASSHOLE. They use this ALL the time on the radio (Jim Rome) but I mean cmon, it means the same damn thing...
Los Angeles Lakers are a bunch of lazy A-holes.
by coffeedrinkerusa May 13, 2003
a shorter way to say asshole
You Ahole
by John Jacob March 22, 2003
Ass hole
that A-hole thinks that car is a jetta
by The man December 14, 1999
a playful way of calling someone and asshole when they really are, but you dont want to sound mean :]
Goddamnit Jeff you are such an ahole.

There are WAY TOO MANY aholes in this vicinity right now.
by x0jessicaaax April 01, 2007
A way of making a humerous jesture on calling someone asshole for when they do something assholishly stupid.
As the Globe smashed Dr. Evil in the balls he yelled "Way to Go! AHOLE!
by Badger187 August 20, 2008
short and less swearing way of saying Asshole
"you A-holes are in trouble now"

"what an A-hole"

"you A-holes are crap"
by 3pointassasin July 21, 2008
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