To beat someone up like in the movie. Having a boot party on someone.
Last night I did A Clockwork Orange on that cheating jerk/jerkette.
by Freakgirl March 23, 2006
a stupid piece of literal and cinematographical dense shit refered as a masterpiece mostly by the snoobish people
"oh my god havent u seen the A Clockwork Orange movie yet? get the fuck away man, why are u still talking to me?"
by noneimportant May 05, 2006
Arguably the most moronic book to ever masquerade as a masterpiece. The main problem is, of course, the completely pointless butchering of the English language. I mean really, if I wanted to read writing that garbled I would just read Shakespeare.
"...with his glazzies glazed and sort of burbling slovos like 'Aristotle wishy washy works outing cyclamen get forficulate smartish'."
by Nope4810 April 14, 2005
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