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A vagina that has accepted many penises recently.
Your wife has a box of assorted creams.
by scykon December 29, 2003
1. A term to describe a vagina which has more than one delivery of semen within it, typically from multiple doners. Often the result of a "gang-bang."

2. A receptical of some sort containing multiple ejaculates and offered as a gift to an unsuspecting recipient; esp. in retaliation by unknown givers.
1. Mel was passed around as a cum-bucket for the whole team. By the time we'd finished with her, she was a giant Box of Assorted Creams.

2. That bitch, Mel, pissed everyone off, so we gave her a Box of Assorted Creams.
by Brent Elskan November 13, 2005
A box of assorted creams, when a vagina has many different specimins of Gism, man milk, boy butter, population paste inside, or has had in the past.
Having a box of assorted creams indicates a large ammount of fucking partners.
Donna has a box of assorted creams, she has been poked by half of sydney.
by janes labiela. April 15, 2009
A vagina in which a woman has had more than one penis, that has ejaculated.
Tiffany recently fucked another guy, after not washing herself, so she has a box of assorted creams.
by Cramer July 12, 2005
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