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1 Noun: Usually a ghetto name given to people who are spontaneous, and happy - go - lucky.

2 Verb: Enthusiastic, and lacking enough english skills to comprehend sophisticated english vocabulary. Can also have jerkish moments followed by kind acts. Done out of a feeling for amusement or to lighten mood.
(Noun) As usual, I'm A'Jarrius, so I'll create some ideas.

(Verb) Person 1: He makes fun of him all the time, I don't know why they hang out.

Person 2: Yeah, but he is his friend, and always acts kind otherwise.

Person 1: He is just an A'Jarrius then

(Pronounciation) Uh - jair - e - us; A'/Jar/ri/us
by A'Jarrius G. April 27, 2014

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