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1. Relatively poor eBay feedback, compared to the community-accepted standard of A+++++++. Often used for negative feedback responses or as revenge.

2. A++ is also a programming language rumored to be used by more than three people worldwide.
"After getting my address from eBay, this seller broke into my house and killed my pets. A++"

"Man, this buyer sucks! I'll get him back by leaving him a mere A++ feedback."
by Jin64 September 02, 2007
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French abbreviation for "à plus tard", meaning "later", in the sense of "see you later".
Oh I've gotta go, A++!
by Orlandooo June 11, 2008
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The most common feedback you can get on ebay because the other person was so lazy to think of something original
John Doe - A++ John Doe 2
by Stephen Carboni January 11, 2005
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