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A amazing girl, with a bigg arse, always looks older than she is, always falls for guys with peircings loves the colour grey and liluc, is an amazing kisser, she's the sort of person that doesn't tend to tell people about what her and boys get up to at party, a sort of person that doesn't care about the concuences, can be a little rebellious, she's the sort of girl you"ll call at 11pm and she'll sneak out with a bottle of vodka... If you know "a freya yardley" then get to know her!
Ben; Omg dude did you see that girl at jimmys last night she was soo god damn piff
Sam; Ik dude she well amazing she's my sisters best mate
Ben; gonna get linked with that girl

Joe; dude ring a freya yardley she's got booze and she's peng
Isaac; it's like midnight she'll be asleep

Joe; nope she's awake we were texting earlier remember?
Isaac; oh yeah but won't she get in trouble?
Joe; no dude she's a freya yardley

Dylan; what do I get a freya yardley for her birthday?
Shop keeper; a bottle of vodka

Dylan; why?
Shop keeper; every freya yardley I know likes vodka

Fred; woohoo that girl last night you see the size of her booty
Jim; yeah that was freya yardley
Fred; gonna link that shit
by Immatureiouty23 August 15, 2013
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