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a person who has an incredible personality or amazing voice but doesn't have the high "necessary" looks to be appealing in tv, broadway, or the movies. As a result most said individuals go to become radio talk show hosts/dj's and are usually successful.

also used to describe someone with a nice character and/or body but a poor face

see: Ted Williams
read: beauty is only skin deep

usually a term used to derogatorily call someone ugly/really ugly
bro: Daamn, I hear that b*tch in the library has a fine-ass booty!

guy: you heard correctly, she also has quite the stunning personality.

bro: she got a man?

guy: sadly she does not, bro.

bro: what da fuck ya mean "sadly", hell na I'm ahbout to introduce that fine-ass to my big di--

guy: bro, bro please do not misunderstand I merely mean to inform that she has a face made for radio.

bro: a what? what da fuck is a damn face for radio?

guy: uh? how would you say... a buttah face?

bro: aw shit, really? damn.
by conciergevii August 29, 2011
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