In the game of pool, it is one of your balls that sits in the pocket but has not fallen, thus blocking another from putting their ball in that pocket. Good for defense. Usually you don't aim for that ball unless you have to. Also, when you do choose to take that shot on the duck, it is very easy and allows good ball movement afterwards.
"Man this guy is good. I'm gonna keep that duck in that pocket to block his shot." -or- "My duck is blocking his ball, so I'm good" "That ball in the blocking the pocket is A duck!"
by Justin aka Beesh February 22, 2007
A small featherey creature commonly found in parks and in ponds.
"Would you like to buy a duck?"
"A what?"
"A duck!"
"Does it quack?"
"Of course it quacks! Its a duck!"
by Sparky November 25, 2003
1. Noun. The animal of the bird variety, difficult to ctch without help. Tastiest variety is the mallard.

2. A collective noun reffering to a group that occurs when an indivdual moongoose meets one or more of its kind.(Having researched all possibilities this seems by far the most logical)
1. He's a one armed duck fucker (see dumbland)

2. Look over there! There's some a duck.
by Draz'Andant July 15, 2003
Short form of the last part of the famous punchline "But that's not a Duck!" Saying "A Duck!" should always be followed by insane laughter for no perticular reason.

Also can be used as a random exclimation.
Bob and Jack are talking when Paul walks up. Bob suddenly yells "A duck!". Bob and Jack errupt in laughter. Paul is forced to laugh or admit he doesn't understand. It's great fun either way.
by Bobda November 30, 2004
a duck is a female who allows herself to be mentally used. she thinks knows things but when she talks it becomes very comicly clear that she does not. naive in a rude but absent minded way.
Those three guys know each other. But she thinks shes playing them?! What a duck.
by Kris Robyn August 17, 2005
In bowling, it is when you perform 3 spares in a row. Much like a Turkey, which is 3 strikes in a row.
Werewolf: That's 3 spares in a row! I just rolled a duck!
Pipsqueak: Well Quack Quack motherfucker
by Theedingo1 September 09, 2011
easily tricked
toya, you are such a duck, you believe that i am out of town
by jakeema November 03, 2003

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