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Someone who is too cheap to use a real condom and ends wraping up their "Package" up in some seran wrap
Dave was too cheap to buy a real condom so he used a ghetto condom and now his girl is pregnat
by fbdiuwfd'aidsf December 07, 2006
When someone is too cheap to buy a real condom for there "package" and they end up using seran wrap for protection.... and it doesnt help at all
Dave was too cheap to buy a real condom so he used a ghetto condom and now his girl is knocked up!!!
by fbdiuwfd'aidsf December 09, 2006
A banana peel, peeled from the bottom (not the stem end). It is placed on the erect penis and then secured by wrapping the peel with tape in critical spots. With the stem still attatched it is located at the head of the penis thusly allowing it to double as a free method of abortion as it would scrape out any fetus located in the wome. Works best for those with a curved penis. Not recommended for anal intercourse without first removing the stem.
"She was quite moist and ready to engage in sexual intercourse. But being the gentleman that I am, I refused politely as I had no form of protection. She then pointed to a fruit basket. She peeled the banana, inserted the edible portion into her anus, and then secured the peel to my erect willy creating 'A Ghetto Condom' and awaited penetration. While engaging in intercourse I noticed I had pulled out a 7 month old fetus. Upon dicovering this my willy turned flacid and I fled with great swiftness"
by Brian Hassett April 06, 2008
a small or big sock, which ever you prefer
joe didnt have a condom so he used a sock as a ghetto condom
by gudghuge December 11, 2007
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