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To make a big deal out of anything that seems pointless or irrelevant, to have a major interest in Rangas, Red Fanta and anything red. To have a large majority of your life dedicated to Xbox Live, to have a fictional girlfriend from a different state or country and using that as an excuse for why the you have no local girlfriend but everyone knows you like a certain individual. To have and interest in a stupid dance called: Jump-style and like a music genre called Hard-style, To be extremely confident that they are the best in the world at Halo on Xbox Live. And Lastly, to hate nearly everyone and everything (besides Halo, Hard-style and Jump-style).
Harry: So, hey wanna play some Xbox?
George: Okay
Harry: Oh wait, no you can't play.
George: Okay
Harry: Wanna know why?
George: No
Harry: Cause your a shit friend.
George: *walks away* someone's having a 'Duncan Moment'

Bob: Yeah so I have these to lesbian girlfriends from Victoria, I had a threesome with them last weekend.
Charlie: cool, could I meet them?
Bob: nope
Charlie: has anyone met them?
Bob: umm, yeah? my mum, when I took them over to my house.
Sharon: okay Bobby are you ready to come home now?
Bob: okay mum.
Charlie: excuse me Bob's mum, has Bob ever had two or 'any' girls 'that' are his friends over at your house?
Sharon: ha oh no, ha never. the only two girls that he has at our house are our dogs.
Bob: Mmmmuuuuummmm!!!!!!!!
Charlie: *looks at Bob in disgust* now that's what i call a Duncan-moment.

Howard: Man, Josh has it all. his dad's famous, he's rich, he has nice parents, a nice house. anything you could ever wish for. But he's so attention seeking, he has to make up problems just so he can feel sad and when an actual problem occurs he goes skits.
John: What a cunt.. that's what I call a Duncan moment.
by Jerry the horny rat October 27, 2011
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