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So many to choose from! One is bound to come true.
A – Ape Uprising
B – Black Hole
C – Collision
D – Dinosaurs Return
E – Everyone Dissapears
F – Food Fights Back
G – Gravity Fails
H – Hollacaust Again
I – Insect Overlords
J – Jesus Returns
K – Killer Bees
L – Lemming Syndrome
M – Machine War
N – Nuke
O – Ovary Expiration
P – Pandemic
Q – Quake
R – Rapture
S – Solar Flare
T – Triffids
U – UFO Strike
V – Volcanos
W – Water World
X – Xenophobia
Y – You’re in teh Matrix
Z – Zombies
When Bob bought his Big Mac at Mcdonalds, he was surpised when he went to take a bite, it took a bite of him. The end. (of the world) (Food fights back, from F, "A - Z of Apocalypses"
by .:Stormie:. October 16, 2009
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