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named after a funny joke:
Q what is the similarity between a 9 volt battery and a womans butthole?
A even though you know it is wrong, you feel the need to put your toung on them.

9volting is the process of putting your toung on a womans anus during cunniling without her permission and often without her knowing.
y did she dump you?
because she was sick of me 9volting her.
by j leavers April 16, 2007
Licking of the anus.

It's like licking a 9 volt battery, you know you shouldn't do it but you do it anyway...
You 9 volt your girlfriend.

You lick the ring hole - 9 volting.

As a payout: gary 9 volts joe - he is a 9 volter.
by cotdayum July 03, 2011
licking of the anus
the feeling you receive when licking a 9 volt battery is the same the kinda tingling feeling you get when licking the anus, hence the term '9 volting'.
by wild animal July 26, 2010

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