folicular sex, or sex with hair follicles. warning this can cause severe bleeding.
mike: oh my justin! did you hear, josh and jessie got to 9th base last week!
tim:holy shit, that's why she hasn't been at work all week!
by ilove9thbase August 22, 2010
Top Definition
Fingering a girl with one's big toe
"Yeeeeah, my big toe got to 9th base last night!"
by Jimmy Paladino July 26, 2005
having sex with every-thing in the planet that moves at the excite same time!
currently only Chuck Norris has achieved 9th base.
by sambodo August 12, 2008
Anal sex with someone from behind whilst you place your hands around their throat and strangle them.
Jacob : Hey man, Im so going to 9th base with you tonight is that cool?

Dan Mcgree : Hell yes its cool, I want it badly I hope your ok with it though..
by Jacob6969Amsterdam April 26, 2007
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