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A Top Secret Army Military Occupational Specialty Code also known as The Army Time Warp Scuba Diver. The mission of the 99 Whiskey is to go back in time through rifts in the space-time continuum found only in the deepest and darkest depths of the oceans, and change the course of history (for example, stop the JFK assassination). This job is difficult for at least 2 reasons. 1- Its hard to exact the time and place in which you pop out of the time warp. 2- Often times the way a 99 Whiskey intends to alter history proves to be counter productive.
Day 1 (old history) - *news caster* John F Kennedy was shot at 3 times. The president is dead. Lee Harvey Oswald is in custody.

Day 2 (New history)- *news caster*John F Kennedy was shot at 3 times earlier this afternoon. No bullets hit him. A man named simply Chuck Norris claiming he was a "99 Whiskey" from the future stopped all 3 bullets with his beard. Then the Presidents head simply exploded from sheer amazement. The president is dead. No one is in custody.
by BDS Wallace April 20, 2011
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