The other half of the sex position 69.
Harley and Shannon did the sex position 69. Harley was the 6 and Shannon was the 9.
by DaFro January 20, 2010
when a parent or sibling is in the room and you want whoever you're talking to to change the subject of the conversation, press 9. when the person has gone, press 99
Bob says: Dude! She was checkin out your balls!
Fred says: 9 dude! 9!!
Bob says: So what are you doin in science?
Fred says: Forces, so excitin. 99
Bob says: That girl wouldn't take her eyes off your ass either!
by nyallexxxx June 21, 2005
9mm pistol, glock 9, 9mm bullet
dont make me get out my nine
by Langwij~Master May 12, 2003
Hey There is a new online code out,kind of like g2g or brb.
This one is the same...just a little bit different. you all knowhow it feels when you're talking to someone online, and our mom or dad is standing right behind you, ready every word that appears on the screen. Then of,course the person swears or talks about how much you love your crush or something and your mum reads it and tells you to get offline that instant and not talk to that person anymore. Well, what we can we do about that? To solve this problem, now we have started the 'code 9' system. In code 9, you simply press the number ''9'' when your parent or sibling is watching over you shoulder as you type. The person you're talking to will know what your talking about, and begin a conversation on homework or something. When your parent or sibling leaves, press ''99'' to let the person know that they are gone,so you can begin a normal conversation again. Please send this to everyone you know so that Code 9 can begin to go into effect.
J:oh fuck he
J:oh so what you doing
by m-t-j February 04, 2008
The biggest F*cking screw up in the history of screw ups. Set talisman in the machine. Killed 1, 2, 5, 6, 8.

Must I go on?
"We don't know what it is!" -2
"Oh well, gotta go somewhere!!!" -9 *fails at epic levels*
by Snow22 February 01, 2010
The act of performing fellatio on yourself in a standing position or "69 with one person"
My friend gives himself blow jobs, when he does so he looks like the number 9 standing there.
by whaduzitmatr June 14, 2010
Short for DC9, a McDonnell Douglas commercial series airplane, used by many airlines for years. Loved by pilots, hated by passengers,it was a great commercial success,and is still in use worldwide.
" I was on the 9 for a while, now im on the seven three"
by jb mcduffie June 20, 2007

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