Was It An Inside Job or Not?
Was 9/11 an Inside Job or Not?
by Seagulls Of Santa!!! August 17, 2008
the day the gov't realized that they lead the idea of false sense of security. Almost a modren day of Pearl Harbor. They had nothing to lose so they did what hey had to so they could awaken a sleeping giant to go out and get rid of the what is the parts that make us look bad.
9/11 awoke america to realize terrorism can strike our soil on the mainland.
by ryan Gilroy December 23, 2003
The day when several planes were hijacked, 2 of which hit the world trade center towers 1 & 2 causing both to collapse several hours later.

New Yorks finest put there lives on the line and many died trying to save the ones stuck in the buildings.

As you people on here slander 9/11, and many of you liberal pussies say we deserved it, i know many people who died on this day, how immoral are you to say we deserved this? yes innocent people working to support there families were killed while they were at there job, and then cops and fireman die trying to save them and you have the nerve to slander them? you are scum, get out of america.
Many innocent civilians died on 9/11 as well as brave firefighters and policemen.
by sean mack July 24, 2006
An act of war committed against the United States. The day the Taliban regime comitted suicide.
9/11 was a blatant act of terrorism committed against civilians who were just going to work to make a living. How quickly people forget.
by YankeeRebelSon September 30, 2007
a colloquialism for September 11th 2001, the day when the world trade center was attacked by foreign terrorists
9/11 was a tragic day for the country.
by The Return of Light Joker February 28, 2008
A tragic event that occured in 2001.

Terrorists boarded commercial jets, hijacked them, and flew them into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, and the fourth hijacked plane was crashed in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.
The main suspect of the attacks was Osama bin Laden...who is head of Al Qaeda, the Taliban was also involved.

Nowadays this tragety is used for politicians to try and get higher ranks, promising they'll do something about it, and they never do.

9/11 is also a reason why Arabs get checked at airports a lot more than the rest of us. Also, it's the sole reason why we now have to take off our shoes before boarding a plane.
9/11 was a day that terrorists hijacked commercial airliners and flew them into buildings in a fit of rage while screaming crap like 'Allah'.
by JimmyHopkins2 March 15, 2008
A day where we saw the absolute worst of humanity. As well as a day where we saw the greatest aspects of humanity. A day where for far too short of a time in American history we casted aside all of our differences, our prejudices, as well as our hatred of each other to help those we did not know in times of dire desperation and need. It was a day where the invisible boundaries, whose foundation rests on fear and ignorance, that separate us all came crashing down with those towers. For one moment in time we saw all of us as true equals, all united as Americans. We knew that if we were to survive and seek justice for this horrendous act, committed by barbarians who do not even belong in the specie of humans, we knew we all had to stand united.
The biggest tragedy of 9/11 was that our unity was not to last. Out of our fears and paranoias we latched on to our ideologies, as well as our leaders who made promises as empty as the hollow pits where the Twin Towers once stood.
by Darth Vegas December 28, 2007

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