A 9/11 is a sex act in which a man violently and unexpectedly inserts his penis into the anus of his sex partner. This may occur during or outside consensual intercourse.
When I asked Maria why she broke up with Stanley, she said that he gave her a 9/11 after a night of drinking.
by FetusDestroyer June 17, 2012
Where A=1, B=2, C=3 ... H=8, etc etc.
9/11 = 0.8181818181
by Marencian September 03, 2008
Another way to say you deserved it!
Yankee; I just got kicked in the nads by my ho, bitch girlfriend!
(Anyone); Speaking about her that way, I think 9/11! I'd do it too, but you Amerikans got no balls.
by Paul J Parkinson June 13, 2005
Forget the fucking terrorist attacks! Setember 11 is my birthday, and I'll be damned that little thing gets in the way of my time of the year. Quit the mourning and celebrate me you fuckers!
Do you really think I give a shit about a city that lost only about .00017 of its total population?
by Another Asshole May 31, 2005
The day when every myopic, simple-minded individual rode America’s nuts over a standard act of warfare, which was given a ridiculously high amount of coverage for something so insignificant in the world of war crimes. The fact that America had (and continues to) committed much viler, bloodthirsty acts towards other nations was irrelevant to the occasion, and people seemed oblivious to the fact that there can be repercussions to a country's despicable past actions.
Patriotic American Dickhead: OMG! 9/11 was such a historical tragedy!
by Reju January 02, 2006
The day American money stopped funding the IRA in Northern Ireland and the troubles that claimed over 3000 lives in the UK over 30 years effectively stopped. The Irish American's had to think about the reality of what we call terrorism. It became untenable, which helped bring peace to Britain and Ireland. Every cloud has a silver lining, ask the people of Belfast.
"Shit, we've been attacked"

"oh dear, this is awful. better stop those Noraid contributions since 9/11"
by ashteroid May 07, 2007
Was It An Inside Job or Not?
Was 9/11 an Inside Job or Not?
by Seagulls Of Santa!!! August 17, 2008
the day the gov't realized that they lead the idea of false sense of security. Almost a modren day of Pearl Harbor. They had nothing to lose so they did what hey had to so they could awaken a sleeping giant to go out and get rid of the what is the parts that make us look bad.
9/11 awoke america to realize terrorism can strike our soil on the mainland.
by ryan Gilroy December 23, 2003

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