Very annoying kids, almost as bad as sixth graders. Really immature, and have no sense of style whats so ever. They think "emo" is cool, even though when they get to highschool, they'll get shot if they bring that shit on. Total Drama Queens.
Girl 1-"Fuck those kids are annoying."
Girl 2-"Yeah, they're all 8th graders."
by arielvon January 26, 2009
a student at the tip of elementary, usually USUALLY highschool-ers get annoyed by them really easily...not saying i do or anything :]
chrissy: ...omg, that 8th grader is so annoying!

bob: hey, maybe it's just you!

chrissy:. . .

sorry for the horrible example >_>
by ChristinaNC December 13, 2007
Noun 1. Used a subtle way to ask for 3.5 grams of substance.
Hey man can I swing by and pick up an 8th grader later?
by Kieran Rousch January 12, 2006
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